Higgins Lake, MI

Whether you've already selected plans for a new home or you're only in the dreaming and planning stage, you have a lot of important decisions to make. Building a home is a huge undertaking, but it's a great way to end up with a home that has all of the features which are important to you. When you build a new home, you get to select the style, size, and custom finishes. For some clients, this means a large fireplace in an open living room. For others, it means plenty of bedrooms to hold all of the grandkids when they come to visit. In addition to choosing what you want in a home, selecting a builder is a major decision. We've all heard horror stories from people who choose to work with untrustworthy professionals, so it's more important than ever to carefully research before signing a contract.

At Harms Enterprises Inc., we are proud to offer the finest building and construction services to the greater Higgins Lake, MI area. We have been a part of the home improvement industry since 1993, and our business now includes the building of new homes. When you are building a home, communication is vital. You deserve to work with a professional who asks the right questions, listens to your answers and stays in communication with you during every step of the process. That's one of the many reasons why all of the Harms Enterprises Inc. team members are committed to providing attentive service to each client.

When you select Harms Enterprises Inc., you know that you'll be working with a builder you trust. We live and work in your community, and we strive to build new homes that add to the beauty of our area. You can learn more about all that our company has to offer by visiting, or you are welcome to contact us at your convenience to get more information.